14. May 2020
DIY key rack wrench

DIY key rack wrench

7. January 2020
media designer internship at WEICON in Muenster

Internship at WEICON – so much more than just adhesives and sealants!

3. December 2019
Snowboard- oder Skibindung sichern

Start of the winter season: Securing ski or snowboard bindings

31. July 2019
Bonding a kite bladder

How to repair a kite bladder – with adhesive bonding

4. April 2019
Modellbau Flugzeug

Adhesive bonding of model airplanes

17. January 2019

Knigge-course for the apprentices

2. October 2018

Handling hazardous substances

6. September 2018

Internship in Barcelona

7. August 2018

DIY lamps