24. June 2020
Removing rust: These products put an end to rust!

Put an end to rust!

22. April 2020
View of a hydroelectric power station in Huanza, Peru

Corrosion protection by coating in a hydro power plant

31. March 2020
WEICON Citrus Cleaner for surfaces – cleans and supports the disinfection of surfaces

Our powerful WEICON Citrus Cleaner

20. March 2020
Pipeline repair in Ecuador with WEICON HB 300

Pipeline repair with Plastic Metal

6. March 2020
Profi-Starter Set von WEICON

What does our Starter Set Pro have to offer? Part 2: Our Wire Stripper No. 5

14. February 2020
Trade fair as a means of communication – why companies like WEICON exhibit at trade fairs

Far from old-fashioned – why we still take part in trade fairs

29. January 2020
The interaction between screwing and bonding – WEICON threadlocking

How is adhesive bonding linked to screws?

3. December 2019
Snowboard- oder Skibindung sichern

Start of the winter season: Securing ski or snowboard bindings

13. November 2019
Visiting a repair cafe

Repairing instead of throwing away: Visiting a repair cafe