Our authors are co-workers at our headquarters in Muenster. They work in different areas and have special hobbies or interests. This is perfect for our blog, as it provides a variety of different articles – researched by our specialists. In addition to that, in the category “International“, you can find guest commentaries by colleagues from our international sales department and our foreign branches.

Thorsten Krimphove

head of public relations

Thorsten has been working at WEICON since 2012. After many years of experience working in industry and his degree in Communication Studies, he established the department for press and public relations at WEICON. Along with his team, he is responsible for everything regarding the company’s communication. As Thorsten travels around Europe a lot in his campervan, when it comes to doing research for our blog posts, he is interested in everything on the topic of motor vehicles.

Annabelle Kreft

public relations

Annabelle has been part of the WEICON team since March 2019 and supports Thorsten in press and public relations. She is a trained media designer, has a degree in Communication Studies and brings PR experience in the fields of energy, health and tourism. As an enthusiastic camper Annabelle especially likes to write for the handcraft section and shows you for example how to keep your tent and caravan in shape with our products. Besides she enjoys experimenting in the DIY area and reports on events or the people at WEICON .

Patricia Folkerts

public relations

Patricia supports the PR team at WEICON since April 2023. After her studies in media and communication and communication science, she gained professional experience in various PR and social media agencies in the field of sports. For the WEICON blog, she enjoys writing about the people behind the company and practical applications from everyday life .

Laura Rosner

public relations

After her commercial education Laura studied communication science at the University of Münster. Before joining WEICON in May 2023, she gained PR experience in real estate and equestrian sports. She also enjoys spending her free time with horses or in nature. On our blog Laura prefers to dedicate herself to sporting events in which our colleagues regularly participate or reports on creative handcraft projects.

Mike Breitenfeld

application engineering

Mike, who is a trained export packer and wholesale and export merchant, started working at the WEICON warehouse in 2000. One year later, he switched to our sales department and in 2012 to the product management. He has been working as application engineer since 2014. Mike uses a lot of our products for model making in his hobby room. He makes miniature trees using adhesive sprays, fixes roofs of miniature houses using superglue or restores a turnout lantern as decoration for his garden by using corrosion protection.

Holger Lütfring

technical project management

As technical project manager with more than 25 years of experience at WEICON, Holger is the specialist for our products. Along with his team, he is constantly looking for innovations. For our blog, he provides detailed knowledge of our adhesives and offers useful advice. He is also a triathlon enthusiast and likes to write blog posts about everything on the topic of road bikes or about sports events that some of his co-workers take part in.

Norbert Kockmann

shipping department

Norbert, who is a trained metalworker (specialized in construction) and retail salesman (specialized in kitchenware) has worked in the trades for many years. In 2003, he started working at WEICON. He is in charge of all international shipping at our warehouse. Norbert likes to take care of his home and garden in his free time or he is on the road with his daughters, who are horse enthusiasts. That‘s why for our blog, he is interested in everything regarding applications “inside and outside”. Norbert is also our specialist when it comes to work and fire safety.

Tina Spengler

head of marketing

Tina studied Social and Political Science and has experience in public relations in the fields of sports, agriculture and children’s book publishing. In 2017 she joined WEICON in the press and public relations department, meanwhile she leads the marketing department. Her blog subjects focus on applications from the hobby area and ideas for video tutorials. Tina’s concern is to explain the world of adhesives in an easy and understandable way.

Guest authors

Our guest authors

In the category International, colleagues from Muenster or from our international branches talk about themselves in their native languages. They speak about their job in an interview, sum up their experiences at a trade fair or write about the latest news from all over the world.