4. June 2024

Applications in the food industry

Food is probably the last thing that com…

4. March 2024

Chemistry and sustainability – is that even possible?

Sustainability at WEICON.

WEICON has been…

28. March 2023

Which glue is best for repairing shoes?

Does this sound familiar? You love weari…

9. September 2022

Upcycling thought big: Repairs in the shipping industry

Whether it’s bananas from Ecuador or tec…

20. May 2022

Chemical threadlocking: adhesives for sensitive sectors

Against unintentional loosening of screw

5. November 2021

What does our Starter Set Pro have to offer? Part 3: Round Cable Stripper No. 13

All good things come in threes? Not quit

16. September 2021

Conveyor belt repair: Here’s a fast and inexpensive way!

Conveyor belts tirelessly move materials…

20. August 2021

“Made in Germany” as a quality promise | Behind the scenes of the WEICON TOOLS production

Today, you can find many stripping tools

13. July 2021

Upcycling in industrial applications: wear-resistant coating with Plastic Metal

Interview with Plastic Metal expert Hann